98 Cognitive Errors

98 Cognitive Errors

This force directed graph shows the network graph of all 98 cognitive errors in the book "The Art of Thinking Clearly" by Rolf Dobelli. A related blog post about cognitive errors is available 15 Cognitive Errors Every Analyst Must Know (+ Network Graph View).

The network graph for a subset of these cognitive errors is available on Selective Cognitive Errors. Network graphs are typically used to show relations in data. In this case, I am showing how these cognitive errors are connected together. These links are obtained based on the book author's referral at the end of each chapter. The nodes represent cognitive errors.


By hovering over a node, all edges (links) to the selected node will be highlighted. Moreover, if a description is available for the selected node, it will appear as well. You can zoom in by selecting a node and then zoom out by clicking on the button that will appear top right corner. The nodes can be dragged around and will be repositioned dynamically.

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